The People's Party has come to a working agreement with the far-right Freedom Party in Lower Austria that allows Johanna Mikl-Leitner to remain governor
Chancellor Karl Nehammer used an address last week to re-introduce himself to voters and outline his vision for the future of Austria
After regional elections in Carinthia did not go as the party had hoped, the SPÖ is once again talking about who should be its leader
COVID-19 countermeasures are being wound down but the pandemic's legacy continues to shape Austrian politics
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led to superficial changes in Austrian foreign policy but not the more fundamental ones many hoped for
Austria is a young nation-state with a brief and tumultuous history and no agreed-upon concept of what constitutes national identity or values
The round fried yeast donut filled with apricot marmalade is the culinary symbol of Austria's carnival season, which ends on Fat Tuesday
The ÖVP and SPÖ may form a coalition to govern Lower Austria even though they both achieved their worst election results statewide since 1945 on Sunday
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